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Scalpy V design your hair

Scalpy is a young brand, which was founded in 2019 by Dr. Vishakha Viibhuute. She is the name in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation popularly known as SMP in INDIA and Abroad. Scalpy was founded with the intention for the people who were tired of the stagnation of the hair restoration industry. Hence she decided to change the status quo.From the moment Scalpy was brought into existence, our goal was to make scalp micropigmentation the prominent hair restoration solution. To do this we put together our focus on starting world class treatment in India.

Dr.Vishakha Viibhuute , when he founded Scalpy™ had only one thing in mind.

“It’s not just about treating as many people as possible, no, while that is a means to our end it’s not the main goal. It’s about sharing our passion for scalp micropigmentation and its life changing impact with the world, to make scalp micropigmentation synonymous with the term, hair loss solution. That’s our focus, the reason why we set out on this journey.”

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Our vision is to deliver caring and excellent professional services to those who need hair loss education and scalp pigmentation treatments.


Our mission  is “To provide natural and excellent Scalp Micro Pigmentation results, improving our clients confidence and appearance in a very discreet manner.”


Our goal is to provide scalp micropigmentation services for men and women who suffer from hair loss through safe and secure procedures.